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Encouraging funeral preplanning as the ultimate act of love.

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The Love Always Project is a movement created to promote discussion about end-of-life issues, provide expert information and encourage people to preplan and pay for their funeral as the ultimate act of love for those they will leave behind. The Project is supported by Homesteaders Life Company, a national leader in providing prearranged funeral funding, whose mission is to help people design a better farewell, benefitting those they love.

The movement’s mission is based on the understanding that while loss is a natural part of life, it is often a topic we would rather just not think about. In fact, while many people don’t know they can plan their funeral in advance, most of those who do know simply choose not to act on the opportunity.

Yet there are benefits to confronting our inevitable mortality by preplanning. It is an expression of love and altruism for those we leave behind. It minimizes their pain during a difficult time of grief and mourning. And it makes a final, abiding connection with loved ones that can mean so much when we’re no longer physically by their side.

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Research has shown that people who preplan and fund their funeral are satisfied that they did, have peace of mind that their affairs are in order and are relieved to remove the burden from their families. Research has also proven that those who are left behind are thankful for this final message from their departed loved one—and consider it a gift that enables them to focus on what matters most: The life and loss of their dearly departed.

Our goal: To engage, inform and empower people to prearrange, so it’s something that you want to do, instead of something you avoid, or simply don’t think about.

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Be educated and empowered to embrace funeral preplanning as an extension of a life well-lived, and a final gift to a family well-loved. 


Preplanning is like planning for your retirement. Everyone should start saving and planning...

— Mary


The most unselfish gift that someone can give to their family is to plan in advance.

— Laura

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