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Mary Smith
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Preplanning is like planning for your retirement. Everyone should start saving and planning for retirement early in life – this is just one more piece.


The most unselfish gift that someone can give to their family is to plan in advance.




Your whole life, you plan what you’re going to do, where you’re going to, what activities you’re looking forward to, but you also need to plan for the end, and you want to make that plan as easy as possible for your family and your spouse to execute.


…the one peace of mind I did have in the chaos was that we didn’t have to go to the funeral home and start planning out everything because they had already taken care of that.

Modern Family



I think we were driven by experience and by this need that we felt to get the plan done, get it paid for, get it behind us and go on living life.

Janet & Dan

[Her advance funeral plan] was her wishes, and we followed her wishes to the ‘T’, so it eliminated a lot of confusion. It also eliminated a lot of burdens.



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