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  • What is The Love Always Project?
    The Love Always Project is a grassroots movement created to promote discussion about end-of-life issues, provide expert information and encourage people to preplan and pay for their funeral as the ultimate act of love for those they will leave behind. The Project is supported by Homesteaders Life Company, a national leader in providing prearranged funeral funding, whose mission is to help people design a better farewell, benefitting those they love. Learn more
  • What is death education?
    Death education embraces such core topics as meanings and attitudes toward death, processes of dying and bereavement, and care for people affected by death. It is based on the belief that death-denying, death-defying and death-avoiding attitudes can be transformed, and assumes that people will be better able to deal with death-related issues as a result. Learn more
  • Why preplan a funeral?
    Funeral preplanning and funding can reduce financial and emotional stress on loved ones, giving them time to grieve—and giving you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be carried out. Learn more
  • How can I join the movement?
    It’s simple. Just complete the membership form.
  • What do I receive when I join?
    When you join The Love Always Project, we’ll email you a free digital copy of A Guide to Funeral Planning. This resource will help you start considering how you’d like to be remembered.
  • How do I know the personal information I provide is protected?
    We maintain reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality and security of personal information you submit through this website. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Why is it called The Love Always Project?
    We named it “love always” because we believe funeral preplanning is, at its heart, the ultimate expression of love and altruism for those we leave behind. It minimizes their pain during a difficult time of grief and mourning. And it makes a final, abiding connection with loved ones that can mean so much when we’re no longer physically by their side. We came up with the name, then asked thousands of people what they thought of it, as well as some others: It was the clear favorite.
  • Who should join The Love Always Project?
    Anyone can, and should, join. We provide a variety of death education resources designed to inform and empower—covering topics such as coping with grief and loss, preparing for death and funeral preplanning and funding.
  • How did The Love Always Project get started?
    The Love Always Project was started by a group of funeral industry professionals who have not only helped others through the planning—and conversely, the grieving—process, but have also experienced profound personal losses of their own. These experiences were the jumping off point for the Project. It is supported by Homesteaders Life Company, a national leader in providing prearranged funeral funding, whose mission is to help people design a better farewell, benefitting those they love.
  • How do I contact The Love Always Project?
    We encourage you to contact us at any time with general questions or specific inquiries regarding The Love Always Project. You can also send us an email at
  • Where can I follow The Love Always Project on social media?
    Facebook Instagram
  • Who writes your articles?
    Our articles are written by a team that includes industry professionals, blog writers and independent end-of-life-planning experts.

Join The Love Always Project Movement

Be educated and empowered to embrace funeral preplanning as an extension of a life well-lived, and a final gift to a family well-loved. 

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It was an opportunity for me to share all the wonderful things in “Mary’s Folder” with those that would attend the service...

— Mary

Modern Family

By pre-planning for my funeral, it allowed me to have a say on what happens, how much should be spent...

— Steve

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