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Give your loved ones a lasting gift by putting your funeral plan in place today.

Many people find comfort and even joy in the process of reflecting on their lives and sharing how they want to be remembered. Making your funeral plan is a gift of love for your family that will not only make things easier for them when the time comes, but also provide peace of mind that your life will be remembered on your terms.

Why Have a Funeral Service?

A funeral service is a structured ceremony, with a beginning, middle and end. Each component is meant to help provide your family members and friends with a collective grieving experience where they can reflect on and celebrate your life. You don’t have to stick to a traditional funeral service – you have the freedom to plan a service that truly reflects your life and how you would like your loved ones to remember you.  


By confronting your inevitable mortality and preplanning your funeral service, you can minimize your loved ones’ pain during a difficult time of grief and mourning. And it makes a final, abiding connection with loved ones that can mean so much when you’re no longer physically by their side.  

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The Benefits of Planning Ahead

When the time of need comes, there are many decisions and emotions which come into play – and funeral preplanning can take out the most stressful parts of the planning process and leave your loved ones with the peace of mind, knowing all arrangements are taken care of, while saving you money in the long run.

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Plan Your Funeral Online with eFuneral

We believe preplanning should be simple, and with eFuneral, a subsidiary of Homesteaders Life Company, it is. Their online planning tool helps you connect with funeral providers and make your plans from the comfort of your own home. Through a guided process, you will answer questions and make selections that truly reflect your life well-lived.

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Reduce Stress on Your Family

Rid your surviving loved ones of the burden of planning your funeral, instead, help them focus on supporting one another. Planning your funeral also eliminates the financial burden from your loved ones by saving them from paying for all the funeral expenses out of pocket.

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Get Input from Your Family

Your loved ones are important to you, and you may want their input on your funeral service. Preplanning your funeral now can give you time to sit down with those you care about and talk through the service options which best fit your needs.

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Save Money

Like all other products and services, the cost of a funeral is likely to increase with inflation. For many families, it is hard to come up with the required amount of money in such a short amount of time. Preplanning can help you freeze the cost of guaranteed services and you often end up paying much less than you would in the future.*

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Ensure Your Wishes Are Met

A funeral is a celebration of a loved one’s life, and every life is unique. By prearranging, you can choose exactly what you want your funeral to be like. You can make it as specific as you want and personalize your funeral to reflect the unique aspects of your life, by showcasing your passions and hobbies, along with your most precious memories.

*Freezing the cost of a funeral varies by state and by funeral home. Talk to your funeral director about locking in the price of your funeral.

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